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Content Manager

Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Job Type

Full Time


This is a new position, so the successful candidate will have the opportunity to help shape the digital vision of the company. This is more than entry-level position but would be perfect for someone seeking to improve their skills in a variety of areas. How do you know if you’re our person? Here’s the checklist:

  • Are you obsessive about checking the facts, details, spelling, and grammar in everything you write?

  • Do you correct the spelling and grammar in your friends’ emails and social media posts?

  • Can you coordinate, curate and create content for multiple social media channels and blogs?

  • Do you enjoy learning new skills and ways of doing things?

Can you handle:

  • Multiple projects & deadlines from multiple people?

  • Working alone & groups?

  • Interacting with a variety of personalities?All joking aside, we are looking for a dependable and highly motivated individual to maintain, update and create content for our website and social media.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Ability to work with a team.

  • Ability to work with a variety of personalities.

  • Ability to work on individual projects and within a group.

  • Highly dependable and motivated.

  • Willing to learn how to proform new tasks.

Job Type:  Full-time/Part-time

Salary: Pay based on experience 


  • Remote

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