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Our Services

Singh Logistics provides a wide range of supply chain solutions. Our services include warehousing, packaging, inventory management, distribution, and freight forwarding. Our technology-driven systems ensure efficient and reliable handling of your products. "With over a decade of expertise in warehousing and E-commerce, we provide you with a competitive advantage. Contact us to learn how we can support your business with quality and cost-effective warehousing services.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Grow your eCommerce business & satisfy your customers with our 3PL & Fulfillment services. Receiving and storing inventory, processing orders, picking items, packing boxes. 

Contract Packaging

We can help you get your product ready for retail shelves or ready for distribution.Do you have a special project or a specific problem? Need to re-box a truckload of shoes? No problem. Need to write expiration dates or lot codes? We can do that. Need to inspect a truckload of clothing? Done. Does one of your items require inserts for special sales? We can help. Need a problem fixed ASAP due to supply/logistical issues. DONE. 

Labor Force Solutions

We handle high volume. As well as work the requires extensive touches, numerous eyes, and multiple requirements. Our labor force will help you reach your deadlines. 

Amazon FBA Prep

Efficiently scale your amazon business with quick turn-around times. Reduce costly mistakes with our expert prep force. Free up your time to source while we handle all of the storage, fulfillment, shipping plan, and other complexities in seller central.

B2B and Enterprise Fulfillment

We offer Enterprise Fulfillment for businesses of all kinds and all sizes. Our B2B Fulfillment Plan is a great option for wholesalers and distributors. We offer discounted Same-SKU Picking and Wholesale-SKU Picking fees to make fulfillment a viable option. We work with you to develop a flexible supply chain management system that enables you to respond to new market requirements, such as increased demand or product launches.

Ebay, Shopify, QVC Fulfillment

 We specialize in all major online marketplaces including Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, QVC, and Walmart.  

FBA Books Prep

Yes! We prep Books for Amazon FBA. This includes new, used, arbitrage, and bundled books. We prefer to use Accelerlist for our listing workflow.

FDA Registered

Our warehouse facility is proud to be FDA registered, demonstrating our commitment to following strict industry standards and regulations for storing and handling food and medical products.

Crossdocking and Cargo Re-palletizing

Cross-docking services involve the transfer of goods from an inbound carrier to an outbound carrier with minimal to no warehousing and material handling. Once these goods arrive at our cross-dock facility, they are quickly sorted and shipped directly to the destination.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Prepare subscription boxes in advance. Full assembly, custom packaging, inserts, and unlimited number of items. Any custom detail can be requested. 100% accuracy every box!

Storage Services

Storage is offered as bins, shelving, cubic feet, pallets, and 53" Trailers. We take care of your products and ensure it comes out of storage just as it went in. 

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